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Own a modern farm
you have always been
dreaming about today.

Being a successful farm owner has never been easier. We work hard so that you can access state-of-the-art growing technologies, proven recipes, and a network of growing experts.

Farm-as-a-Service for your complete farming solution.

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What can be grown

Your vertical farm is so versatile that it can grow so many varieties of plants. Together with the proven growing recipes, the sky is the limit.

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Revenue Projection

“How much can I make?” — It is definitely the first question you would ask. Here is us trying to give you the best estimation.

Project Information

In this assumption, you will run this business for 10 years with four containers (two for Kales and two for Wild Rockets). All revenue potential are from retail channels, where you can charge the most expensive price.

Operations (week / 4 containers)

The costs of operating a container will vary de-pending on a few variables, but the following is a rough outline from our research. Our estimate will be between 400,000 and 550,000 THB per year.

Return on Investment

You will access to the best practice we provide; your farm productivity will be 100% from Year 1. The yield will be very stable. However, selling price may decrease to about 60% on Year 5 onwards. Here is what you can expect.




Four 40-foot containers will be installed, which can host 2,592 growing slots, It also allows weekly harvest very well.

-_Container for Kales.png


Container for Kales

Kale is special vegetable, which is in high demand recently. It can be sold at a very high price as in fresh and processed foods.




This project will be run for 10 years to balance between market conditions and durabili- ty of growing equipment.

-_Container for Rocket.png


Container for Rocket

Rocket is widely used in many restaurants and many cuisines. Its retail price is high enough to generate great returns.

All commercial farms are set up differently, growing different crops for different marketplaces. Revenue potential will vary greatly depending on the choice of crops and the type of sales (direct, retail, or wholesale).

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-_Hardware — Vertical.png

Hardware — Vertical

We give you a truly vertical farm that is fully automated, very space-efficient, and super reliable. When great technologies work in harmony, the result is magic.

Technologies that work in harmony

-_Nursery Station.png

Horizontally stacked with a hydroponic system to nourish...

Nursery Station

Horizontally stacked with a hydroponic system to nourish up to 32 trays and 3,200 seedlings at a time. Equipped with high-quality horticulture LED lights to accelerate plant growth.

-_Nutrient Dispenser.png

The nutrient delivery system and reservoir tanks work together...

Nutrient Dispenser

The nutrient delivery system and reservoir tanks work together to create independent nutrient and pH levels for the cultivation area. Up to three sets of them can be installed on a single farm.

-_LED Lights.png

Different color temperatures from warm to cool, planting bulbs...

LED Lights

Different color temperatures from warm to cool, planting bulbs are designed with special grade aluminum to cool down the heat from LED chips, which can provide up to 1,246 μmol/m2/s

-_Climate Control.png

A vertical farm contains effective heating, air conditioner...

Climate Control

A vertical farm contains effective heating, air conditioner, CO2 regulator, and humidifier that are monitored and controlled by an advanced ambient sensor. With a high-grade insulated material, the climate inside is fully controlled.

-_Nutrient Film Technique (NFT).png

Our system detects and controls EC and pH levels automatically...

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

Our system detects and controls EC and pH levels automatically. Our growing materials are designed to ensure roots actively absorb sufficient nutrient water and proper drainage 24/7.

-_Flexible Layout.png

The layout of growing rows and LED rows can be adjusted to allow...

Flexible Layout

The layout of growing rows and LED rows can be adjusted to allow easy access for growers at the same time maximize the growing space. All racks are designed to not attach to the floor, which makes it easy to be cleaned.


Not only that, we design this farm with you in mind, we make sure productivity, working conditions, operability, and security are all there to create the most practical and efficient system. See below for the list of other equipment available inside your farm.

More Equipment for The Most Practical
and Efficient System

-_Touch Screen.png

Touch Screen

An Android tablet that comes with our proprietary software to control everything in the container.



Air circulation is wisely man-aged via an automatic fan that increases air flow and control humidity.

-_RO Water.png

RO Water

Water used in a container is through a reverse osmosis technique making it pure and ready for plants.

-_Water Chiller.png

Water Chiller

Controlling water temper-ature can be done via a high-grade chiller to increase plants health and yield.

-_Washing Sink.png

Washing Sink

A washing sink is installed in a dedicated clean zone for growers to wash hands and change clothes.

-_Working Station.png

Working Station

A stainless-steel working station and shelf that supports various activities – seeding, harvesting and packing.

-_AC Sockets.png

AC Sockets

Up to eight AC sockets are installed to serve any add-itional equipment required in a container.

-_Rolling Shelf.png

Rolling Shelf

Growers can harvest plants more comfortably with a rolling shelf that fits with aisles in a container.



Up to six cameras are installed to keep track of plant’s growth and enhance security mea-sures.

-_Biomatrix Door.png

Biomatrix Door

Control container access by facial recognition technology and record ins-and-outs auto-matically.



An insulated panel system is used to ensure the best control of heat/cold and temperature inside a container.

-_Built-in Wi-Fi.png

Built-in Wi-Fi

A smart controller that comes with a built-in Wi-Fi plus 4G/5G capability to connect with the Internet.

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Software — Web / App

The brain of your farm is with our proprietary software. Not just to turn on the light or turn of the air conditioner, we build complete farm management software to make sure your business is sustainably profitable.

Production planning with full control and automation


Production cycles in each container that come with monitoring feature and recurring batches.


Auto-generated tasks that will be dispatched
to growers just in time via our mobile app.


Each batch maps with a growing recipes to automatically control the environment.


Vana as a Farm Management


Interact and manage your container farms remotely via web and mobile app.


See every aspect of your farm – plants, nutrients, temperature humidity and more.


Control growing environment with software
based on pre-defined rules.

Farm is Food

-_Farm is Food.png

With an incredible opportunity like this, to feed the world with high quality and clean food… Why limit yourself to just selling fresh vegetables? What if you can do more than that?

If running a restaurant with crips and freshly picked vegetables, out of the farm, of course, is your dream too but not sure if that is possible...

Let us introduce you to our concept store ‘37 by Vana’ where we serve the taste of innovative, enjoyable, and local coming soon in 2022!

-_From Container to Table.png

New Restaurant Experience

Enjoyable — Our food and beverage are carefully crafted to make your mealtime a joyful and mouth-watering guilty pleasure.

From taste to experience, we hope to make your day special.

-_The Value We Hold copy.png

From Container to Table

Innovative — Vegetables that you eat are not grown far away but right there, next to our restaurant.

With our container, we can serve you clean and pesticide-free vege-tablesin every meal.


The Value We Hold

Local — ‘Grow local, eat local’ is what we value. Our vegetables are grown locally and we source our ingredients from our partners in town.

We are on a quest to build an impact on what our community deserves as food and quality.

-_We invite you to visit our concept.png

Let us introduce you to our concept store '37 by Vana where we serve the taste of innovative, enjoyable, and local coming soon in 2022!

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